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how to change the default units inches into mm in solidwork

By nitesh verman on 23 Dec 09:30 6 answers 2 comments


6 answers

  • Aniket Gaunkar
    Aniket Gaunkar almost 4 years ago

    Step 1 :- Open a New Part File in Solidworks
    Step 2 :- Now click on Options
    Step 3 :- Now check under Document Properties & click on Units
    Now change the default Unit system to your desired unit system
    Step 4 :- Next step is to click on Save button
    Step 5 :- Now change the file Save As Type to Part Templates
    Step 6 :- Now click on the Original Template File & press Save

    So now you have PERMANENTLY changed your Unit system
    Note that the similar procedure is also applicable to Assembly and Drawing Files...

  • john fall
    john fall almost 4 years ago

    very easy, go to options on the main toolbar select document properties tab -select units from the drop down menu - click on unit type and set number of required decimal places etc. I normally set them to 4 places of decimals

  • john fall
    john fall almost 4 years ago

    or click on the MMGS tab at the bottom RH corner and select unit type

  • sainu
    sainu almost 3 years ago

    Thanks Aniket Gaunkar. its working and will expect Ur help in future.

    NATE NIELSEN about 2 years ago

    Thank You Aniket Gaunkar! That was super easy to follow, and now, I'm going to save a lot of time by not re-changing all the unit specs for every new part I make.

  • Chris Ryan
    Chris Ryan about 2 years ago

    I just wasted an hour of my life trying to figure that out.

    You sir are a legend, thank you.

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