How to change the dimensioning system in CATIA?

Please tell me how to change the dimensioning system on CATIA
from along the direction system(medium.jpg) to unidirectional system(connecting rod.jpg)

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You cannot just change the direction of orientation of dimension. It belongs to the Standard. You need to follow everything of a Standard selected. Go to:
File -> Page Setup, and change Standard from "ISO" to "ASME". That will solve your problem :)

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I am not able to understand Ur Question completely. But still I think this might be the solution. Am not sure.
Select the Dimension -> Right Click ->Dimension.Object -> Dimension Representation here U will see few option. Try vertical,Horizontal or Aligned.

If it's not what U were looking for, then Please elaborate ur Question.

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thanks for the answer but the question is different,
It is not about the dimension representation
It's about the dimension system
as you see in the images i have added below
In picture 1, the dimensions are aligned to the direction of dimension (Aligned Dimension system)
In picture 2, the dimensions are on a same direction of dimension
(Unidirectional Dimension system)
how to get the dimensions like on the picture 2 whereas i getting the dimensions as in Picture 1 (by default)

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I have attached two images which will explain what u wanted.
Select the Dimension -> Right Click -> Properties -> Value Tab -> Set Orientation To Perpendicular as shown in image.
But i don't know how to break the Dim line to set the value in middle. I will try to know the answer and will inform U.

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