How to check whom I follow on GRABCAD?

I wanted to see the people whom I follow on GrabCAD. I didn't see any way to get that information. On our profile pages, wouldn't it be awesome to see people whom I follow?

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Good question. There must be a better way, but all I can think of is:
- Go to the library page
- Set the filter to "Following - All Time"
- Models from everyone you've followed will show up

It is a pretty terrible method to use. Hopefully someone knows a better way?

I think the only reason to "Follow" someone, is to get updates in the "Following" tab of the library though. I've never received any notification of anyone doing anything... But I only followed 1-2 people to see what the effect was.

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Hi Arif,
There is currently no way of checking who you are following.
We will be improving the Following functionality in the community soon.
Meanwhile you can use the following library filter, or if you have liked models by other engineers, you can see "my likes" under the profile menu top right.

Head of Design at GrabCAD

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