How to "clean up" mess in huge assembly in Solid Edge?

When bunch of unused files occupy file where assembly is...there is some way to clean up these...

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In SW, I would open the assembly, use "Pack & Go", select zip archive, save. Then, delete the complete content of the folder and unpack the packed content into that folder. That way, only the files that are in the assembly are preserved, while "dead entries" are removed without risking to delete something that is required in the assemby. For being safe, don't delete the folder with files, rename it with a suffix "folder name_old" and create a new folder where you unpack the assembly with the needed files. Not sure if it's possible in Solid Edge... There was the "Revision Manager" in older versions, but it's a much more complex tool than the simple pack and go tool in SW...

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Basically this can be done with revision manager. Pick the main assembly and copy all to new folder. Problem is drawing files. They are left behind.

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