How to close a wing tip

Hey guys, I'm having troubles finding a command to close the tip of a wing (wing/vertical tail/horizontal stabilizer, same method). I have tried commands in surface and part design but haven't anything yet and the internet didn't give a solution.

Basically what I want to do is connect 3 curves (left contour, right contour and a drawn outer contour) that are tangential to the existing wing part, such that a nice enclosed tip is created.

I have added some pictures to give a better feeling and understanding of it, together with a sample wing tip. This is the kind of wing tip I wish to create. (source:

Is there any good soul that could help me out?

Eternal thanks for the person that could help me with this.

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I saw you're in Part workbench. Go to GSD, joint all the curves together (insure there are in tangents at least) and the try to use fill

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Hi friend, do you have a copy of this 3D model? Try to send us a copy of this, to help you,

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its me again, friend!!! BINGOOOO!!! to this issue!!

I attach you the image, to close your profile,
let me take me some minutes to writte the procedure, step by step to close your surface.

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I think i found a solution. you have to split the curves, then use multi-section command and fill with tangency. Finally check the tangency continuity using a join with tangency

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