How to cone the dimension in sheetmetal ?

I'm drawing a sheet metal case, this case has two parts upper body and lower body. Think it is like your TV remote control (i know it is plastic), it has 2 pieces of parts upper and lower body then able to combine together.

My question is, I done the drawing of the lower body. Now it is time to do the upper body. The lower area of the upper body's dimension is referring to the upper area of the lower body. I know I can click the lines to show the dimension on the lower body then remember all the dimensions to create the upper part accordingly. I believe this method is not up to date. I want to know what is the best method of coning the dimension for the lower body in order to create upper body? Thank you

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1 Answer

I no you have asked this question for SW
I think it might be along the same lines as IV
what you need done I am just trying to help answer
your question as it has went unanswered for some time now.
I hope this helps you?
I have attached a Word.Doc so you can see the procedure

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