How to connect curves to make a solid body

I've got a CT scan of a cortical bone that is made of 1140 imported curves. I'm looking for suggestions on how to transform this into a solid body in solidworks or with a free program. I've attached a snap shot of the .igs file.

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What is the native file type you are importing to receive the imported curves?
I'd start by checking the import options for that file format in solidworks and seeing if there is a better option.

Solidworks is not the best for working with scan data of this type, but they have made some progress in the area. It is hard to say what version you have from the screenshot, but see if you have the Scanto3D add-in available. It would give the best results when importing this type of data.

Meshlab is a program that might also be of some help, but I am not very familiar with it.

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