How to construct these cam, wherein the individual surfaces is generated as an area?

to acquaint the pestle tangentially dependent, it is necessary to highlight the peripheral surface as a continuous surface.

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Is this the profile the cam must have?

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Thanks !
Yes, the profile is necessary (radial engine)

my problem is this cam disk to make a link to the area later tangentially dependent!

mfg Thonhofer

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You could try inserting that sketch you have where the cam already is, put a point on the end of the part that needs to follow and try a tangent constraint between the point on the profile line. Be sure that sketch is constrained to the solid cam already so it can still follow the pattern. Let me know if that works. If not, you can send me the files and I can attempt to constrain it for you.

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Also make sure you make that sketch as a new part and constrain that sketch to the cam.

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I tried, unfortunately without success!
With spline control points on the existing sketch not.
If it does not make too much trouble, I ask them to send me a brief description of the solution, thank you!
The original cam annexed ....
Thanks, Thonhofer

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Do you have any of the other parts and the assembly? I ran into the problem before and used a tangent constraint to a surface in the past. Perhaps if you make that sketch an extruded surface that is very small it may work. I'd like to try it myself.

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Thanks for the information !
herewith I send you the file with all its components.
The tangential dependency is currently set to the variables diameter of the front camshaft.
I manage it not to set the dependency on the whole cam!

Maybe you succeed, would be grateful for any advice!

mfg Leo Thonhofer

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