how to conver the iges surfaces to solid model in catia v5 r19

i've got a iges model which has small tiny surfaces when i try to join those surfaces using the distance propogation option an error is displayed saying" The Forks have stopped the propogation the Flag shows involved boundary" can any one explain me the better way to join the surfaces and convert them into solid

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check for the overlapped surfaces..some cases their may be overlapped surfaces, this error is usually states a fork error..join rest of the surfaces leaving the surfaces whr fork error being shown..sort out the error in the place you are finding fork error and join it completely by changing merging distance to 0.05mm..use closed body and create solid model..still your model will not be parametric model.

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You're always going to have problems with IGES. Especially when a lesser CAD program has created it. There is no easy way of doing this in CATIA. Healing (GSD) is a good tool but the general rule is "Garbage in = Garbage out".
STEP is a much, much better alternative to IGES.
I often give up and simply reverse engineer the whole model using the imported garbage as a reference

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