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How to convert a 3D model to xaml?

By Eyal Nevo on 19 Feb 17:42 4 answers 3392 views 0 comments

I downloaded a 3D model from the grabcad and I wish to convert it to xaml file.
I attached the files I want to convert.

Attachments, 6.71 MB

4 answers

  • 0aaf967d
    0aaf967d over 2 years ago

    electris transformer.xaml joined.
    Best regards.


    electric transformer.xaml, 2.15 MB
  • danyal malik
    danyal malik over 1 year ago

    I wish to convert .obj to xaml file.
    I attached the files I want to convert


    w0kygzekggzk-HS.rar, 1.91 MB
  • Hiral Patel
    Hiral Patel over 1 year ago

    Viewer3ds is an application that use Ab3d.Reader3ds library to read 3ds objects/files and convert them into XAML. The XAML can be than used in any WPF application.

  • praveen murali
    praveen murali 8 months ago

    i want to convert .obj to xaml plz convert it and send me


    model.obj, 564 KB

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