How to convert a complex loft shape to sheet metal

I'd like to convert a loft shape shown below to a sheet metal and get a planar figure of it.
I want to unfold it using four edges to rip with base plate as the center.
However, i don't know how to do this..

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I'm not a sheet metal expert, but what you've drawn does not look like a sheet metal part.
Sheet metal parts have bends, but those bends must be in one direction. This part has a compound curve which leads to buckling of the material instead of bending.
I think you have two options:

1. Redesign the piece to consist only of sheet metal bends. The result will have facets instead of smooth curves. Many examples can be found online as this is a common transition shape:

2. Use the SolidWorks "Flatten" tool/feature to get a the planar result of this shape.

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What FredSWUG stated above is correct. The part is not feasible in its current state.

I attached a part that is similar, but lacks the curvature towards the top. It is not the exact same as what you were asking for above but I hope the model can help by being a visual representation.

If you wanted to create a part like that and needed it to be sheet metal you would need to separate it into 2+ parts and spot weld them together (or rivets/hardware/rivnuts/etc..)

If you wanted to create a part like that and it did NOT need to be sheet metal, get yourself a block of aluminum and start up the CNC lol.

If there's any other feedback or follow up questions you have please feel free to reply.

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