How to convert a .dxf file to a 3d shape in Catia

I want my company's logo as an 3d shape on the case I designed. The logo is not a certain font, it is a designed Adobe illustrator work. I tried to save .dxf format in Adobe Illustrator then open it in catDrawing. But when it comes to paste this to sketch I can not see the logo on the screen. I tried pan as well, it didn't help.

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2 Answers

to verify that Paste did indeed copy the geometry from the CATDrawing, expand the tree and make sure there is geometry in the sketch.

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Let me just be clear
1. Open .dxf file using drawing in catia
2. Copy the logo which you have made
3. Go to part design and select sketch on any plane (IMPORTANT)
4. Right-click on the screen and select paste
5. In order to find the logo, right click on the sketch in tree, select reframe on
6. You can translate, rotate, scale it as per your desired wish

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