How to convert a lots of 3D DWG ino STEP or Solidworks files?!

I have a bout 500 3d DWG files that I need to convert to Step or Solidworks file, is there any solution that I could automatically convert them, and save a lots of time?!

for the fact I knoe that solidworks have Taskplanner but it does not work perfectly in my case, All the out put are in 2D!

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2 Answers

I had to convert a lot of 3D DWG files into SolidWorks files once. I had to do each one manually though (it was years ago). I do remember that none of the "normal" file formats would work though. I ended up having to open the DWG in AutoCAD (R14?), execute an explode command on the entire entity, export it as an ACIS/SAT file, then import it into SolidWorks.

The process took forever and was very boring. I tried to do ten at a time, then take a break. Otherwise it was easy to fall asleep and make mistakes.

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The only way you can do that is to put all of those DWG's into one DWG file and then export it as a single stp. file. Then turn the solids in that step file into a solidworks assembly and have it make all of those individual selected parts sldprt files. I haven't used solidworks in a while but I remember having to this for a project. If that doesn't work, you may be stuck doing each on individually.

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