How to convert a SLDPRT file to STEP

Hi. AutoCAD 2012 does not want to import this file. How can I convert it to STEP or SAT format online?. Thanks a lot

6 Answers

this is your file open with autocad 2012
Tutorial : open file solidworks with autocad

Answered with a tutorial:

.sldprt is a solidworks part file.
Open it in solidworks.
Click--->> File>>Save as>>
From save as dialog box,
select .step or .stp as type of file and select location.
Click save and it's done.
Online converter maybe hard to find.
But you can give this a try

which converts file to IGES(another neutral format like STEP)

I don't have SW but I will give the link a try. Thanks

Thanks very much for your assistance. Much appreciated!

Neil, were you successful?
If so, what link did you use? or how did you otherwise do it?