How to convert a surface to solid body in Solid Edge ST4?


I received a *stp file of a component which I imported to Solid Edge ST4. It seems that it consists only of surfaces and is not defined as body. How, in ST4, I could possibly convert it into a body? Btw, this component made of surfaces is colored purple in ST4 (as others, body-type components are default - grey).

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It depends on the model you are dealing with. I have use two different ways for this. One is to use command "Thicken" If the surfaces dont mach perfectly you can use Stitched command to tweak it a little. Secondly for sheet metal parts I use Copy part command. I take the surfaced model to the background and remodel it using model surfaces in the backgound. It can be turned on off and if you are finished, you can delete it. I hope you had any help from that. If you can send me the model, maybe I can help.

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