How to convert facet bodies into solid body in UGS NX7?

I have downloaded cad of an engine from somewhere, the problem is that its DXF file format, and what i need to do measure its dimensions but could not...!! kindly help out the problem.Regards

3 Answers

Use the the SEW command if the facet file does not have missing surfaces for sure you will have a solid file.

When you open a dxf of a solid model, you should get a faceted body & all of the defining edge curves. You should be able to measure using the curves. But to measure the faceted body you need to enable the selection option, "Point on Face". Then either being very careful about how you select the points, or using "Projected Distance" measurements, you should be able to measure anything you want on the faceted body.

If you can get to convert the DXF to STL file format UGS NX will import STL files, it will be a faceted body but you can take measurements and there are some facet body tools within NX.