How to convert files from .SLDPRT or STL to .stp or igs?

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there is a free software online called OnShape this this software can open all of these files and will allow you to save them as in IGS fille which i believe you should be able to open without any extra licences in CATIA.

Onshape requires you to register with you email and you get i think 100MB free offline storage.

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Also these 3D models they are on step, you can open them in Solidworks. without problems.
if it usefull just let us know.

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Use GrabCAD Workbench. Upload your sldprt file to workbench then you can right click on the uploaded file and select "download as". You can download the file in the format of STEP, IGES, STL, Parasolid, ACIS, JT, or VRML.

If your still struggling I'd advise you to check out my tutorial for converting files in Workbench
How to convert CAD files in Workbench

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