How to convert Human Manikin made in Catia into igs format?

I have made a human model using CATIA V5 and i need that model for mesh generation and analysis. But the human is saved in CATProduct and for mesh, it needs to be in "igs" format? How can i convert it then?

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First create your human model.

Use the simplification function under DMU and save the simplified file as a .model file (instead of a .cgr file).

Then open the .model file and copy/paste the .model solid into a CATIA V5 .CATPart file.

Then save the .CATPart file as a .igs file.

This should work for you.

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It worked, but saved as .wrl or .cgr format rather than .igs. Anyway, I could open it in Solidworks. I also needed to write c:simplified into command line in CATIA

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Hi Dean
What do you mean by a.model file format?
Catia does not allow me to paste manikin...
When I use .wrl i got 100x overscaled manikin.
Could you please help me.

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