How to convert/import 3D scanned model into workable drawings in Solidworks?

How to convert or import a 3D scanned model of a machine e.g a large format printer into a Solidworks model and design custom parts assemblies around it?

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Turn on ScanTo3D, and open your file.
When you open file, select type of "Mesh file (*.stl)"

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Follow these steps to convert 3D scan data into drawing in SOLIDWORKS.

Convert 3D scan data to a SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD model
Create either a surface or a mesh
Utilize Wizards for mesh, curve, and surface
Apply texture data to your mesh from imported texture files
Use the deviation analysis tool to inspect for and display deviations between the mesh and other entities created by referencing the mesh
Refine imported mesh and then convert to SOLIDWORKS 3D solid part
Import point cloud data
Export scanned data in multiple formats: *.xyz, *.wrl, *.stl, *.3ds, *.obj

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For our reverse engineering work in Solid Works we've been using the XTract3D plugin. Let's us control the whole process and keep using the curve and shape drawing tools inside Solid Works, higher res scan data etc.

If you're curious how the reverse engineering process from scan data works, they've got an advanced training video on their site, here's the link:

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