how to convert jpg to prt or step?

I want to convert image files to cad file

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it id not possible yet as per my knowledge because cad file contains its properties like line ,curves ,wireframe, 3d surfaces as well as 3d geometry while in jpg filw there is only 1 layer 1 surface that we see having content and colours etc but it cannot be in 3d geometry.

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Today, converting technology from JPG/PNG to Vector is so easy.
And if you want convert JPG to .prt or step file you need convert it to the vector first.

This is the steps :

Answered with a tutorial:

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if you want to convert image file to prt or other designing file then it is not possible but you can insert the file in designing software then you can trace that image by manualy and automatic (as per software).it can be possible only

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Trace out the jpeg file in to the NX part module..Now u can create it as a respective part by comments

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