How to convert medical imaging data into CAD data?

Right now I select my preferred geometry out of a set of DICOM Images and build an STL model of spoken geometry. After that I tried to convert it into the IGES file format. This often times doenst work well, because the geometry is to complex.
I append the STL model of my geometry, so that you can see its complexity.

Therefor my question: Is it possible to generate an IGES model right out of my medical image set?

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2 Answers

Use reverse engineering software and convert manually. tedious process.

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Medical imaging technology is used to take internal images of the human body. The images help in diagnosing and in routine healthcare treatment for various conditions. There are a several different types of imaging technology performed through the help of imaging systems provided by medical device company like and others. One well known medical imaging is the x-ray which uses radiation for taking static images of particular body part. This technology is helpful in maximizing the quality and productivity of clinical services. Transferring medical imaging data into CAD data might be possible; you can try the process shown at that could be of help.

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