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How to Convert *.NWD file to STL, or other cad formats (*.STEP, *.STP, *.IGS, ...)

By Asal on 28 Feb 11:03 9 answers 2 comments


I want to know with which software I can convert the NWD format to a format of STL or other cad formats?

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  • d6a1bcfb
    d6a1bcfb over 4 years ago

    The first link says FREE TRIAL which will give you a fully functional 30day trial of the NavisWorks package, not just the viewer, that should i would assume give you the tools you need.

  • Robert Lansdale
    Robert Lansdale almost 4 years ago

    Forums most often have people trading blind and incorrect data. As the primary data translation expert I spend most of my life trying to stamp out these common misconceptions on forums.

    As some general notes for this question:

    1) If you have a NWD file then that statistically means your MCAD data came from a much better program to start with. Navisworks is never a "source" of MCAD data but generally used as an intermediate viewer, so to speak. In all cases I would always have my customers try to find out where that data originally came from and obtain those files. More times than not, the data would come from Intergraph PDS, Microstation DGN files or AVEVA PDMS.

    2) Navisworks is more of a mesh based program (polygon based) and not NURBS/solids based. This is why you don't see MCAD/CAD export file formats. Navisworks is not generally used as a file conversion system as my own Okino software would be used, in various situations (it all depends on where you want to send the data). As the #1 question I get 3+ times every day for 18 years, you can't "convert" from a mesh-based program into NUBRS geometry for STEP and IGES output. You can, however, convert to STL as it is *not* a CAD file format as almost everyone believes.

    3) If you care to review this pending forum posting again, the most important information is missing from your initial posting: into which program do you wish to convert the NWD files? In the world of professional conversions it is all about the names of the original source data and the name of the destination program which is most important and not the name of the file format you have at hand for the source data.

  • Asal
    Asal over 4 years ago

    This software (Navisworks Freedom) is just a viewer. you can not use it to export the geometry or at least I don't know how can I do this. I try it already.
    would you please tell me how can I export the .NWD geometry with this software?

  • Asal
    Asal over 4 years ago

    I try that (Navisworks Manage 2013) also, but there is no any possibility to export in any CAD formats.
    It is possible to export in google earth KML, FBX and DWF.

  • Visionworkplace Software
    Visionworkplace Software about 1 month ago

    If you have Navisworks software then there are plugins to export model to other formats available in Autodesk app store

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