How to convert .rar to .dwg?

I downloaded the Audi R8 (Great Job)
The download came in as a Audi-R8.rar not .dwg for AutoCAD. How can I convert it to a .dwg

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A .rar is a compressed file. you will need a program to uncompress (WinRAR is the one I use) and savethe files it contains. The file may not be a .dwg, that dpends on the files the author included.

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.rar is extension for compressed file so you need application like Winrar to uncompress-it.

Just download Winrar 32 bit if you have 32 bit System from this link

or if you use 64 bit system from this link

as this software is rather simple you can install it by just pressing next next ok until it finishes (no need for configuration)

after that by double clicking just open the file by right clicking and selecting from the menu extract to ***** (stars are the name of the file). By doing this you will create the Directory with all the files that are contained in the rar files

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It is a compressed file. You need to uncompress it with WinRar or a similar program.

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