how to convert solid model into 2d geometry in CATIA?

Question by ravindra

i have one 3d model in .cat format. I want to make changes in basic 2d geometry to make a new model. how to convert a 3d model into 2d geometry ?

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Andrew Dokienko
Answered on 31 Mar, 2015 08:13 AM

To convert 3d model into 2d geometry - you should use Drafting. Here is a link https://grabcad.com/questions/tutorial-how-to-use-drafting-workbench-in-catia-v5?utm_campaign=engagement-recommend-questions&utm_content=question-title&utm_medium=email&utm_source=user-email

If you want to "make changes" you should to make corrections in building tree. If model was build in catia, if imported - reverse enginering only way

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