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How to convert step to fbx?

By Natalie Ieyoub on 27 Mar 14:33 4 answers 0 comments

I found a perfect model on here for a project but I need to import it into Unity3d. How can I convert it into .fbx?


-Ü- - -¦-¦- -ü-¦-é- -Ç STVF-47.STEP, 20.1 MB

4 answers

  • FredSWUG
    FredSWUG 8 months ago

    It looks like Unity will import OBJ files, would that format work for you?
    I don't work with OBJ files often, so I don't know if this is a perfect method to translate files, but Keyshot will export STL and OBJ files.
    Keyshot also opens many file types, so Step -> OBJ should not be a problem.
    OBJ and associated MTL file attached. Let us know if it works.

    Attachments, 20.7 MB
  • Natalie Ieyoub
    Natalie Ieyoub 8 months ago

    yes that is fine as well. but how to get .obj from a .step?

  • FredSWUG
    FredSWUG 6 months ago

    In my original reply, you may notice the "Download" button. It has the model saved in the OBJ format.

    If you wish to convert the file from STEP -> OBJ on your own, then Keyshot seems to work fine as a converter, but try to open the attached file and test it.

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