How to convert .stp file to .prt what's the process?

I want to open this model in UG Nx8 but its extension is .prt so i want to change the file from .stp to .prt.

2 Answers

If you put a link to the file, someone may be able to convert it for you.
UG does not import step files? That seems odd. Can you import other formats like iges, or parasolid?

follow the below steps
1) Open a new part file in NX software
2) Go to File Menu -> Imports -> select the step file format like STEP 203, STEP 214 & STEP 242
3) Access your file using dialog box & click ok

Note: I give the instructions according to the Siemens NX 11. There might be some changes for example STEP 242 file format may be Unavailable.