How to convert surface .stl to solid .iges format (human body part)

Hi, I would like to open the .stl file of the pelvis model in SolidWorks and try the option of "solid body", but SolidWorks does not allow because of many faces. How to knit the surface into solid body and enable to run in SolidWorks? Thanks

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It depends on your version of SolidWorks. Anything prior to 2016 will only allow an STL file with 10, 000 or 20,000 facets (I forget the exact value). In 2016 they increased that limit by quite a lot.
Reducing the facet count of the STL file is the best option. I see by the file name that it has already been reduced and smoothed. This file has about 100,000 facets. It takes a few minutes to open, but it does open. Working with this file will be very difficult though, as every operation and ever file save will end up taking a long time.

Another option is to convert the mesh data into surface data. It will be equally unpleasant with seemingly random surface patches making it up, but the file size will be much reduced. A program like Geomagics Design X could do this conversion.

Also, your STL file had several unneeded shells contained within it, they may prevent SolidWorks from reading the model correctly. I was able to delete the extra shells in Materialise Magics before opening in SolidWorks.

A parasolid of the result is attached.

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