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How to convert surfaces to solids in Rhino3d?

By Hiral Patel on 16 Dec 06:51 2 answers 721 views 1 comment

Is it possible to convert several poly-surfaces into solids in Rhino3d.

2 answers

  • MARK
    MARK 8 months ago

    Without seeing what kind of surface you are speaking about it is hard to answer. There are several on line utilities that will turn a nurbs surface into a solid .STL. Some surfaces will simply need to be capped..... no naked edges or bad geometry.

  • singlefonts
    singlefonts 12 days ago

    select the poly-surfaces. This have to be intersecting surfaces and/or polysurfaces. They will be trim into a closed polysurfce.

    then command: CreateSolid
    or see menu solid=> Create Solid

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