How to convert SW2011 to a STL for for print.

When I save as... al parts become loose file.
Is there a way to convert to complete file??

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Disregard the first two answers. Saving an assembly as a part is a workaround.

The reason this seems difficult (or "impossible") is because the 'options' button only shows up after you select .STL as the format.

Just to make the process completely clear, follow these steps:
1. open your assembly
2. file > save as
3. change the format from assembly to STL (notice that when you do this, the references button disappears, and the options button appears)
4. click options
4.5. make sure to check the "save all components of an assembly to a single file" box
5. navigate to the desired location, put in the desired file name
6. click save

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First, your assembly file save as .part file. Second, open this part file in SW. Third, this file save as .STL file.

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you are converting assembly by the look of things,, it cant be done,, i use SW 2012 for sure assemblies cant be converted to stl as a whole,, largely because material is different for each part,

i doesnt work even if material is same you cant create one stl for whole assembly :)

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