How to convert the 3d part copy model to the Solid Part, here is the situation, I recieve a 3d model from a supplier when I open the file its show part copy, when I want to make a 2d drawing most of the parts will not appear in the draft,

convert the 3d part copy model to the Solid Part in solid Edge drawing

4 Answers

what type of provider file

If you right click on the 2D draft view you want the parts displayed, Click on properties, the properties window will open, click on display tab (picture attached) there should be a small icon for parts list options, tick the construction item (or list all). In your display box should now be the solid body part select this and tick the "show" box on the right side of display box. Click ok (or apply) on your properties window then close. You will need to update the 2D for it to work. Also if you have multiple parts missing from an assembly you will need to click "show" for all parts.

upload the model here so we can take a look.
As i am sure you have seen (on the net) it can be quite difficult to convert to a 3D solid but if its only 2D drawings you want then it might just work

the answer from Rhys Genever was really good, it worked perfectly in my case!