how to convert to sheet metal complicated body

Hello GC community I struggle to convert one complicated body to sheet metal work with SOLIDWORKS 2017 I attaching the file please if someone know how to do it to help me by explaining what I need to do.
Thank you in advance.

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I don't think that qualifies as a simple sheet metal part. There are a few areas that look like a more complex stamping operation formed the shape by deforming the metal. It was also likely made in stages by first die cutting, then stamping, then bending.

I doubt SOLIDWORKS will see this as a sheet metal part. There are some stamping plugins for the software, but I have never used them.
As a last resort, it might be worth trying to split the part up into smaller pieces and see if smaller portions of the model can be flattened.

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This primary bend has two radii. I don’t know how a sheet metal part can be bent into two different radii (in software) in a single bend operation.

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