How to convert tread measurement imperial to metric?

I recently had to convert a few thread measurements:

eg. TEEL CAP SCREW, 1/2"-13 FULL THREAD, 1-5/8" LONG

from imperial to metric, can someone show me how to do it?
am I missing something easy...

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This site lists the standard imperial and metric thread sizes. I would not look at it as a conversion chart though.

If I had a 1/2"-13 thread and needed the closest metric size, I'd redesign the part to use an M12 x 1.75
By converting .5" to 12.7mm, you end up using an M12 bolt which is a little smaller than the original 1/2", but the next standard size is an M14 which may be too large.
1 5/8" converts to 41.275mm, so you'll need to use a 40mm or 45mm long metric bolt

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