How to copy drawing views in PRO/E?

I have 2 sets of drawings(A4 sheets) and want to copy some views from each to one large sheet(A3).

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1 Answer

Make a copy of the drawing. then merge the copy into the other drawing as a new sheet. Then move the view to the required sheet and delete the unwanted sheet.

Details from help files:
Merging two drawings allows increased performance and management of large drawings. Individual Pro/ENGINEER users can work in parallel and then merge their separate drawings into a single drawing file. A source file is appended to the target file as additional sheets; for example, when you merge a two-sheet source drawing into a four-sheet drawing, the target drawing then contains six sheets.

Click Insert > Shared Data > From File.

Use the Open dialog box to select the source file to merge into the current drawing. When you select a file, the source file is merged into the current (target) file.

Select additional source files to be merged, one file at a time, to add additional sheets to the current drawing.


Merging removes the source file from memory. If you previously saved the source file to disk, it is removed from the session but still exists on disk.

When you merge two drawings that have different symbols, and if the symbols have the same name, then these symbols are saved as different symbol instances with the same name in the symbol gallery. For example, if you merge two drawings that have different symbols, both named abc, then these symbol instances are saved as abc and abc(2) in the symbol gallery.

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