How to copy real life parts?

Hello all.

So I am having a bit of a challenge copying on of my parts into solidworks 2013.
I have this issue often when it is not a simple part. Mainly anything to do with holes etc and was wondering how others copy the design into solidworks?

Added is a photo of the part to show this one but I have trouble with others as well. I have tried two ways to get where the wholes go but when I test fit the printed version, they do not match up correctly or perfectly and is quite annoying.

Thank you in advance!

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You obviously need precision so using photos is out the options. I would draw the inner circle, find the center and then use it as reference to sketch all the holes. Once you have the first hole you use it as reference for the next etc. Obviously you need to draw this on paper first so you can measure correctly. Good luck.

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So figured it out I guess. You need to have a 3d scanner in order to do this stuff. I dont think anyone who did it the old school way lives now days or is on this site so that was about the only thing that has come close to accurate.

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