How to copy same sketch and featurs, but going the opposite direction? Solidworks 2015

Like for example. i want to make a set of wheels that each side goes in different directions. These style of wheels is a 2 piece, so id make the outside for all 4 wheels, for the centers id make a plate and make one side of the wheels in one direction but to make the other side exactly like the one i made but going in the opposite direction, cuts and fillets, etc?

How would i do this? anybody know?
I attached a pic of the wheels i wanna make.

thanks for your time.

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1 Answer

It looks like a mirrored part. Select a reference plane to mirror about and try Insert - Mirror Part. Depending on how the center cap is designed, it should work in both models.
The mirrored part will link back to the original, so any changes made to the original will also occur in the mirrored part. That way you only have to do half the work.

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