How to copy sketch with equations in SolidWorks?

The source file is a sketch of a company logo that is usually engraved into a part. The logo's size varies depending on the part. By using equations, once setting the logo's height, all of its other dimensions change as well. To set the proper height in the source document and then copy the sketch into the target document, result is underdefined sketch that won't move. So, is there a way to import the fully-defined logo sketch in other parts?

Tried using a block and it's not bad except for one problem. To show the engraving of the logo, you usually have to define a profile and then make a swept cut using the sketch's lines as the path. You need to explode the block to do this. Once the block is exploded, you will be left with an underdefined sketch and this just doesn't seem like good practice.

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Equations in a sketch cannot be copied but linked values can. I would suggest making a "master sketch" and adding linked values to the dimensions you want to maintain in the copied sketch. Then create a "child sketch" and add the linked values to the dimensions. Then if you need to copy the sketch you can simply copy the child sketch and change the values in the master sketch.

Kind of hard to explain, hope that make sense?

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If you have only a logo of firm make as BLOCK , maybe best solution is using WRAP option with deboss. First select a surface where you plan to put a logo, then insert a block (in SW2007 it's not needed that you must after selecting surface to activate sketching) - before acknowledging a command put desired scale of block and angle. Then select a sketch and use WRAP command with deboss function - equivalent to engraving in manufacturing.
> Attached model have three logos which is made from same block.

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Another option is that you have a part which is negative and with option Insert part put in and with Combine substract make your engraving logo.
But unfortunately insert part cannot be scaled and you must have a variations of your logo.

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I have had the same problem, and to work around it I have done this:
Save the sketch as a block, then export the equations to a file, perhaps in your logo folder. Bring the block into a new sketch, then import the equations. The equations will fail, because the dimensions listed names have been changed even if you previously named them things like length etc. After the dimensions fail accept the equations import and uncheck link to file. All you need do is edit the block and set each dimension =and pick the appropriate global variable which all are previously governed by equations. I have done this with a complex sketch with success and it didn't take long at all. Just be sure to have a global variable for each dimension.

If you have found a better way since you asked this question I would be interested.

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