How to create a design across a helix?

How would i create a design on a helix spiral design? Would a linear pattern work?

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IF each of those spokes are the same as each other, I would approach it by first modeling a single 'spoke' of the design, all of the geometry that repeats along the spiral. Get all the cuts, all the drafts, parting lines, everything that makes up that one segment of repeatable geometry.

Then I would linear pattern or body/copy the spoke 'body' vertically for as many 'steps' there are in one section of the spiral.

Then I would 'move/copy body' (unchecking the 'copy') and rotate each spoke body the appropriate number of degrees in order to achieve one section of helical steps.

After this it should be possible to 'combine' all the steps into a single solid body, which can be circular patterned, or move/copy body (re-checking the 'copy' of course) to make the 3 sections.

Then I would put this huge list of features in their own folder to clean up the tree.

Then it's probably time to get to work on the outer basket, and the center part.

Your model is future version for me so I'm just stating how I would approach that crazy green basket you've been asking about for weeks now. Must admit, that's a tough part that has caused me to think how to do it for quite some time now and this is how I'd approach the task of modeling that bad boy.

If, on the other hand, each of those spokes is slightly different, then I'd probably resort to brute force and model each of them one at a time after setting up some surfaces or other reference geometry that would enable easy and accurate sketching of the spoke details.

I have to admit, I can't for the life of me picture how that part is molded in what appears to be a single shot. Is that a real part, or just a nice render?

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