How to create a flexible cover that will encase my elbow joint so that the pivot point is not showing

My Engineering group has been tasked with building the iron man suit for our final design project. I am building the arms and could not figure out how to create a housing case for the elbow pivot between the bicep and the forearm will not show. I’ve been looking at medical suits of armour for ideas. If someone could help it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Have you thought about something in the lines of bellow tubes? Something like this.

This is my first thought on a flexible yet closed casing. Maybe you can try similar rubber like/elastic structures.

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Just a question but if it were going to be a suit wouldn't the persons elbow be your hinge? And the suit would then have plates or pieces tiered or nested inside each other to allow for extension and contraction of the arm.

Like SolidTweaks had said above, but in this case the bellow would be the entire connection between upper arm and forearm.

Or are you looking to create an iron man replica? (non-suit version/model of iron man-ish)

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