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how to create a helical gear

By joseph santhosh raj on 09 Mar 06:20 7 answers 4 comments

what are the best features to design quickly a helical gear?

7 answers

  • Fahad Rafi Butt
    Fahad Rafi Butt over 4 years ago

    use tool box, or use involute curve equations...

  • Khairul Zizy
    Khairul Zizy over 4 years ago

    thanks for your guide to do it drawing

  • palash
    palash about 4 years ago

    could u pls tell me how this twist can be done on catia?

  • Camille Bache
    Camille Bache over 3 years ago

    Thanks for the discussion. It is really a good gear. The <a href="">automotive</a> industry in Canada consists primarily of assembly plants of foreign automakers, most with headquarters in the United States or Japan, along with hundreds of manufacturers of automotive parts and systems.

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