How to create a mechanism with more than two gears in CATIA

I've been tring to find the solution to this problem for a while and it seems that catia is simply not able to do it. Hopefully someone out there can help me out. I have a mechanism where one gear drives another, which then in turn drives a third gear. I can only create a geared relationship between gears 1 and 2 though and can't relate these rotational movements further for the 3rd gear. Please please please let me know a way around this problem

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Thanks for the reply. Will this solution work also for stationary rotating gears though? In the end I found a way of doing it that seems to work ok.

I didn't use the gear connection funtion between the gears but instead left the axial rotation of all the connected gears as independant variables. These can then be related to one another at the end by creating a relationship of the commanding variables. I'm using Catia in German so I don't know exactly how the commands are called in the English version but in the mechanism under Befehle (so "commands" I guess) double click to view the properties and then use Verknüpfungen (Relationships would be the English translation I guess). This requires a sketch of a line that is in the same plane as the face of the gears and causes all gears to rotate with the same angular velocity. You can edit the velocity for each individual gear however by editing the function (the fx button) in the window as you create the Verknupfung. Hopefully this is clearer in the little tutorial I've put below

Answered with a tutorial:

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