How to create a mold for this part

Can some please explain what would be the best way to create a mold for this part .
I have tried several ways; such as locating the parting line in different areas but i'm not liking the mold being produced. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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3 Answers

Dear Tony,
If you want to produce such a part finally out of the mold you want to create, please include fillet and draft angle to your design first.

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Hi Abedin,

I created fillet and draft angle on the final design for mold. Solidworks will still produce a mold result even without adding fillet and draft. I am aware of needing draft and fillet but i basically need this part to have right angles in places.

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I believe you are looking for something like this.
I have included the parting line and 1 degree draft angle into your part design.
But I have left the filleting Job and injection Point for you.

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