How to create a pattern of extruded sheet (bulkhead) that fit in a varying shell section?

I want to create a series of bulkheads or diaphragms inside a non uniform cross sectional shell.

I design a leg of a RTG (rubber tired gantry), this leg has a non uniform cross section (in x and z direction) reinforced by series of diaphragms and stiffeners (see the third picture).

I tried vary sketch but its useless.

p.s. i dont have the license. I use licensed solidworks at the company where i intern

Thank you so much..

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2 Answers

One way would be to first 'knit surface' or otherwise construct surfaces on the interior walls where the bulkheads reside, then construct one bulkhead (as a separate body), oversized enough to fit the largest cross section, pattern the bulkhead body, then finally use the constructed surfaces to 'cut with surface' all the bulkheads to fit.

After that you can 'combine' them all into a single solid, or leave them separate, whichever makes more sense for your situation.

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