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How to create a perforated sheet metal

By Ekuka Nasur on 21 Mar 12:06 5 answers 1 comment

is there an easy way of creating a perforated sheet metal, other than creating small holes manually on the sheet, when i do this my work becomes very heavy. if there's some like a texture/surface catalog please help...

5 answers

  • Magnacad, LLC
    Magnacad, LLC over 3 years ago

    If your looking to just do a rendering I simply apply a texture image to the face.

    Or if you model the holes, then you can simply suppress them to speed up your computer perforamce and then unsurpress when you need them.

  • Ekuka Nasur
    Ekuka Nasur over 3 years ago

    This eats alot of ram on my machine but thanx for the help.

  • Joseph Olizon
    Joseph Olizon over 2 years ago

    There is DOTS.TIF file in Program Files>IronCAD>2015>Images that you may use to simulate it. Just adjust it on settings when paint it on the surface.

  • Nick
    Nick over 1 year ago

    you've tagged this as IronCAD but this is an inventor tutorial.....

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