How to create a physical wheel from a cad drawing

I am new to this. I really like cad and am somewhat experienced (a few years). I want to make a wheel for my car and have it produced from my cad file somewhere. Does anyone know where or how I would go about doing this?


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I'm not entirely sure that this question requires a tutorial.

From what i understand of your question you already have a CAD file and need to know how you can transform your CAD file into a manufactured wheel?

Firstly i would say that you will need to seek a company that specialize in CNC manufacturing as to create a one-off wheel will require a 3 axis or even a 5 axis CNC machine/Lathe depending on your design.

I work within the automotive industry, and so understand the process needed to turn your CAD file into reality.

The second point to make is money, it will not be cheap to manufacture a one-off wheel, firstly your materials for an aluminium billet will be high, secondly the hourly rate charged at prototyping / machine shops in the UK is around £45 per hour depending on the company (i'm not sure what country you are in).

A way you can reduce the costs is to make sure that your wheel design is simple to manufacture without having undercuts and small detailing.

Removing these reduces the need for multiple setups when manufacturing the wheel. this could save you the costs of extra hours and more expensive 5 axis machine rates.

There are always many ways to manufacture products but i believe this would be the most cost effective way for you to do it. Other options you could consider is buying a semi-finished wheel-and then paying a machine shop to cut in the detail or shape for the spokes your require. This may work out cheaper.

Hope this helps, if you have any more questions just ask!:-)

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