How to create a profile with several sealings as a structural member?

Hey GRABCAD community,

I am working for a facade company and we are using a lot of different standard profiles and gaskets (e.g. form Schüco). To create our models in Solidworks I usually create a new part with the sketch of a profile and save it as a Lib Feat part (*.sldlfp). Then I can just create a layout sketch and use the structural member feature and the weldment follows my sketch and I am able to chose mitre, etc.
At the moment I have to repeat this step for every single profile and every gasket. I would like to improve on this. I tried to create a Lib Feat part with a sketch that contains several closed shapes as for different profiles. But using the structural member feature afterwards only produces on profile randomly.
I would really appreciate a possibility on how to produce a solid/structural member out of a sketch with several shapes that follows a given path.

I hope I made myself clear about what I am looking for.
I attached a snapshot out of AutoCAD of a combination of profiles that I can directly import in a Solidworks sketch to use as a Lib Feat part.

Thank you very much.

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The path of the extrusion "LFP" must be materialized by a point on each of the sketches of "LFP" that are linked to the profiles. It is this point that you will coincide with each "lfp". That always try aligning the "LFP" with the same path and not a different segment according to the profile. This could be the center of the final profile ... you will need to clearly identify the angles in relation to this path.

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thanks for your answer but unfortunately it's not very clear to me what I am supposed to do or what I am seeing on the picture.

Maybe I did not specify enough what I am looking for. Initially, if possible I would like to have only ONE Lib Feature part for a combination of profile+gaskets or even using another method and not structural members to create my design.

I would like a way to create my structure without having to create one LFP for the profile and four more for the gaskets. This would save me a lot of time.


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