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How To Create a Radial Engine Mechanism In Pro_E?

By Nitin on 20 Nov 12:27 3 answers 744 views 1 comment

Actually I Have Assembled Radial Engine But i Have a problem regarding mechanism creation of same so please reply as soon as possible....


radial_assembly.asm.3, 147 KB

3 answers

  • bj
    bj over 3 years ago

    first off: You havent included the parts. If you want to upload your assembly, you should select file --> save as --> save a backup.
    This will make a copy of all files to a specific directory. zip this and upload.

    Second: What is your question? Do you want others to fix your model for free?
    Or do you have a specific problem you need help with? PTC really lacks providing decent tutorials but you can find great tutorials on:
    (not compatible with the chrome browser).

  • bj
    bj over 3 years ago

    And for the official PTC documentation Google for: "pro engineer wildfire Mechanism Design and Mechanism Dynamics Help Topic Collection"

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