How to create a spiral inside a cylinder?

I need to figure out how to create a spiral inside a cylinder as the picture attached.

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Aly, An example file is attached as a SolidWorks 2015 model. The shape can be made in a number of ways (sweep, loft, surfaces...) I think a sweep is a good option.
I did not add many dimensions to this example, you should always dimension your own sketches.

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Aly, You can just add more material to the part as shown in the attached Example2 file.
Or, you could already have the end geometry present, and add the sweep to match up with it.

You may be better off adding the swept features to your own starting model instead of trying to get this example model to meet the requirements. You have the original parts to take measurements from. My example is only a suggestion on one way to duplicate one feature. You may find that the starting, ending, and pitch of my helix differs significantly from your part.

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here i enclose as per your requirement just for your perusal.

Answered with a tutorial:

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