How to create a turbofan exhaust mixer in CATIA V5

Someone asked how I modeled an exhaust mixer on one of my engine models. It's a complex shape, yet it's pretty easy to make.

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@ sudhir Gill: use transformation feature ,keep duplicate mode checked n set the no. of instance required

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is there any way we can create pattern in sketcher?

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hello the step9 cofused me and why i didnt get the desired model after doing as your show in step9

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i could not create the multisection using the supports, as only blend can be used to apply the multisection ............please help me frm image 4 through 6

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I can't creat multi-section surface at Step 5!You can guide detail a little!Thanks

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Nice but it should be elabrate yet will be really useful of my practice.. its okey tis is enf thnk u very much chris.

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please send me the complete catia part file so that i can read the desn much better. pls mail me @

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Why cant I creat multi-section surface similar with yours!Help me...Thanks

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I found you from seaching lobed nozzle design on the google.
you are so awesome how it design!

I have some of questions
can you reply it?

When exhaust mixer design, how you draw it?
It is pretty many consideration such as parameters.
I wanna know drawing procedure.

I really endeavor to know equations for lobed nozzle, but I couldn't.
If you help me, I cant to forget your help forever.
(Anybody help me plz...)

My email adress is ""

thanks for your help :)

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