How to create a twin propeller drone - help me

hello everyone, I am a mechanical final year student, I have decided to create a twin propeller drone for my major project, I need guidance and support so that I can create my dream drone come true.
I am Looking for a frame and a design which suits for my project, please kindly help me with parts also.

Please kindly support me and help me. Thanks

NOTE: Sir pics that are attached are not designed for me, I am taking them as my reference as they were similar to my idea. Wish they will help to coney more effectively.


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Most drones rely on a minimum of 4 propellers, this gives stability and lets the counter rotating props cancel out the torque.

You'll need extremely quick servos, multicopters use quick sensors and the rapid nature of motors to balance out the inherently horrible aerodynamics of multi rotors.

You'll probably need to design a frame yourself.

I've designed and built a couple of drones, message me on here if you need tips, however I won't design it for you.

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Just to be clear... are you talking, tandem twin rotor or, typical helicopter with tail rotor?

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Dear huhu vav,

If you are talking about twin motor propelled drone i don't think it will be stable or will produce enough lift required.

drone generally should have stability so most of them prefer quad or hex or octa motor propelled designs

i am just attaching pros and cons of these.

Quad design
Relatively cheap to manufacture.
Great maneuverability.
Powerful enough to add accessories.
Greater thrust and power versus tricopters.

Not as powerful as a hexacopter or octocopter.

hexa design
Greater overall power, speed and elevation.
Safety provided through additional motors.
Higher overall payload.
Great control and flight speed.

Priced higher than a quadcopter.
Larger in size, making the copter harder to fly in tight spaces.
Motor parts are more expensive if they need to be replaced.

Octa design
Very fast and agile.
Reach exceptionally high elevations.
Extremely powerful.
Can hold heavy camera equipment.
Very safe and stable.

Big in size.
Expensive compared to the hexacopter and quadcopter.
Battery life is often far less.

but if you are talking about twin tandem rotors there lots of models available in grabcad itself you can download and learn from those..

if you can able to create twin motor drone but i dont think it will have much impact in real life since you told that this going to be your final project think twice before you get into it.

all the best

Dhanasekar V
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thanks for the replies sirs, I will post a pic of my idea, please help me with it.

Now u all will get an idea of my twin propeller drone. Please check this pick and help me - Thanks

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