How to create an accordion style membrane around a slide?

I'm designing a sort of a slide mechanism. I need to add a fabric membrane around it. It will cover the shafts, but it needs to move, just like an accordion. Is it possible to do that in Autodesk Inventor?

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Hi Nuno,

Inventor doesn't model deforming materials such as rubber, fabric, rope etc.

If the reason for needing movement is for display or presentation, the only easy way I can think of at the moment is to model the accordion as a solid or as a surface (.ipt) and create a parameter for the distance between the peaks (Pitch). You can animate this parameter inside Inventor Studio and the accordion will look as it's compressing and expanding. Check the quick video I attach.

Can't think of a simple way to do it and move it "live" in the Assembly environment.

Hope this helps...


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